Record Labels
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A-F Records: Punk label run by members of Anti-Flag.
Alternative Tentacles RecordsPunk label run by the Dead Kennedys' Jello Biafra.
Asian Man Records: Ska-Punk label run by Mike "Bruce Lee" Park.
Blackout RecordsPunk label, they put out H2O's first album.
BYO RecordsBetter Youth Organization punk rock records.
Dischord Records: Pioneering harDCore label from my hometown Washington, DC. (Minor Threat, Fugazi, & other punk & indie rock bands).
Doctor Strange RecordsVGS's first album and other punk rock.
Drive-Thru RecordsPunk label with up and coming bands like Riverfenix.
Epitaph Records: you know this, they have NOFX, RANCID, PENNYWISE, VGS...label run by Mr. Brett (founding member of Bad Religion).
FAT WRECK CHORDS: cool punk rock label started by Fat Mike (NOFX).
Fearless RecordsHardcore label.
Fueled By Ramen RecordsPunk label with bands like Ann Beretta.
Go-Kart RecordsPunk label, has new Down By Law album.
Hellcat Records Old School style Ska and Punk label run by Tim Armstrong of Rancid & Mr. Brett of Epitaph.
Hopeless Records: The new label of Against All Authority (AAA), also other cool bands.
Kung Fu Records: Punk label run by The Vandals.
Liberation Records: New school punk.
Lookout Records: legendary punk label. 2 words "Operation Ivy" need I say more?
Moon Ska Records: New York City Ska.
New Red ArchivesPunk label run by the UK Subs' Nicky Garrett, their bands include Anti-Flag & Reagan Youth.
Nitro Records: Got Punk? (Jughead's Revenge, The Vandals, AFI).
Owned & Operated RecordsPunk Label run by Bill Stevenson and Stephen Egerton from Descendents/ALL.
Ben Weasel's punk label, featuring Common Rider.
Radical RecordsOi! Punk label with bands like Blanks 77.
Records of RebellionRecords of Rebellion, punk label run by Danny Lore from Against All Authority.
Reinforcement RecordsMore Jersey punk!
Revelation RecordsHardcore Label.
Side One DummyPunk label, with 7 Seconds and Suicidal Tendencies on their roster.
Skunk RecordsSublime's first label, they have Long Beach Dub All-Stars.
SST Records Home of early Descendents, Bad Brains, and Black Flag.
Striving For Togetherness RecordsStriving for Togetherness Records hardcore punk.
Sub City Political Punk music like Fifteen.
Taang RecordsSka & Punk label...put out 1st albums of Bosstones & $1.09
Theologian Records 98 Mute's label they put out some early Pennywise.
Time Bomb RecordingsLabel of the original Social Distortion album (Mommy's Little Monster), a must own.
Too Hep ProductionsNorthern Virginia Ska-Punk Label.
Tooth & Nail Records: pray for me punk.
Torque RecordsNorthern VA Punk Rock label run by Chris from Lickity Split (and the defunct The Suspects) also host of DC's Capitol Radio, this label is also home to The Goons.
Triple X RecordsOld school punk like Angry Samoans.
Umbilical RecordsNew Jersey punk rock label.
Vagrant RecordsSome old face to face and other punk rock.
Victory Records: Hardcore....and tough.
Wingnut Records: East Bay Hardcore.